8 Responses to “I don’t wanna go home!”

  1. Sunshine

    OMG my English Bulldog used to do the same thing! All the other dog parents would watch and laugh. All I could do was wait until he was ready. I am so glad that I not the only one 🙂

  2. Pinta's People

    ROFL Our Pinta does exact same thing! Especially at the park or a good walk! We call it her playing ‘dead dog’ On a easier day we can get her moving with a payment of 2 or 3 good belly rubs – On a bad day well . . . it can take much patience and on our side and out stubborning her!

  3. Simsad

    Wow, dogs are smart! If you had some dog treats, would they budge for those? I only have kitties so I’m learning lots on dogshaming.


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