8 Responses to “I Eat Tuff Toys”

  1. Nikki

    This is my dog!! He destroys everything! I’ve actually wrote to a couple of companies who claim that something was indestructible and got my money back!

  2. Sabrina

    I literally JUST wrote an email to them. I got my dog an “indestructible” toy and within…maybe 10 minutes? Had chewed a hole in the top and started to rip out all of the fluff.

  3. Chris

    Looks like my house every time I introduce a new toy. Rudy isn’t happy until it is ‘dead’ and the squeaker is gone. Wish I could find a squeaky toy that is indestructible. Anyone know of any???

  4. Jackie S

    Try the Orbee-Tuff line from Planet Dog. My 90+ lbs German shepherd has had a few of their toys for over a year now. Unheard of in my household!


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