8 Responses to “I just wanted to look outside”

  1. Sue R.

    I solved this problem years ago but switching to vertical blinds. Even if one of the slats is damaged, all you have to do is replace it, not the whole thing. Extra slats usually cost about $6-8 dollars a piece, so its much cheaper.

  2. Molly Blair

    Can’t be mad at that face. She looks sorry. Dogs do stuff without thinking.. Can get you, mad, but their love is always loyal.

  3. krystle k

    That is why I’ve never installed blinds in my front window and just let my neighbors see all our business! Haha I’m glad my dogs aren’t the only guilty ones!

  4. Shannon

    The vertical blinds were my solution too, they actually swing out of the way when they stick their nose through them, so no harm no foul. Trust me, its worth the investment.


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