15 Responses to “I Lick Furniture”

  1. Margo Grace Carr

    My mini-doxi licks so much that he has been banned from the bed because he has left wet spots almost as big as I am. If he can’t get furniture he will lick his big brother till he is dripping wet.

  2. snarkarinan

    Oh, wow! I thought I was the only one!! My Beagle/Corgi mix does it to the point that I wondered whether she might have doggie OCD. She tends to leave the couch alone if I put a fleece blanket over where she wants to lick, but will also try to nose the blanket out of the way if I don’t tuck it in. I thought maybe there were stray food molecules in there or something, but she kept it up even after I steam-cleaned the upholstery.

  3. krissylyn

    My border collie/brittany spaniel only licks sheets where my son (19) has drooled in his sleep.

  4. R

    I have a lab mix and he does the same thing – and he can leave some massive spots with his big tongue!

  5. Kathy

    My beagle/Jack Russel mix also does this! She’s a big licker in general, but she’ll leave huge spots on the couch and the bed. Especially my husband’s pillows!


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