11 Responses to “I only need sheets and a blanket.”

  1. Stressfactor

    A lot of times people use the word “eat” when what a dog really does is chew holes in things. For example, I said my rattie “ate” her new bed when what she actually did was chew a hole in the flannel material, leave the soggy (yick) bit of flannel material all over the floor, and then pulled the stuffing out and spread it on the floor as well. She never actually swallowed any of the material but it was easier (and funnier really) to say she “ate” her bed.

  2. Amanda Sabree

    This made me laugh out loud! That is the cutest picture, and the furbaby is pretty dang cute too! Reminds me of my pittie and her stuffed pig.

  3. Frannie'sMom

    Dogshaming cute pics + PitBulls and Parolees are making me crave for a Pit at some point in my life. I want one of them soooo bad!


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