11 Responses to “I tore up the bed”

  1. Sean

    Hey..we’re even. My dog has torn up about 15 pillows. I wake up in the middle of the nite sometimes to a bed covered in snow.

  2. Angela Brown

    My blue Pittie has torn up 5 beds so far within five min of getting them!!! For now she is sleeping on a blanket on the floor. I feel bad but it’s pointless to waste money on something she will tear up the min I give it to her.

  3. Steph Robertson

    your pointer is the black and white twin of my orange and white girl, Annie. Also a bed shredder.

  4. Pat McDonald

    Don’t waste your money – just give her blankies to sleep on and she will be fine!

  5. Andrea Colledge

    I’m with Angela Brown and Pat McDonald: my Cattle Dog constantly shreds her beds, so now she just gets fleece blankets on the floor

  6. Janine Pollard

    Wish I could click “like” on all the comments! Of course I already went out and got her a new one!! But I got a real cheap one this time. Mostly she sleeps in my bed anyway. Probably because she keeps ripping hers up!!! She is also forever unmaking my bed.


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