5 Responses to “I will wait forever for hot chocolate”

  1. celia

    tee hee! when camping, my lab would carefully receive a marshmallow and then move to perimeter of the site and bury it, then come back for another. endless fun!!!

  2. Hollie

    We call marshmallows Puppy Crack. Our 14 year old dog will do anything for a marshmallow.

  3. stars15k

    All dog people should get a Marshmallow Shooter…it uses air pressure to shoot mini-marshmallows about 20 feet, unless you have a dog that can jump and catch mid-air. It would take about 10 years age off my 18 yr old JRT….we had to limit it to keep her from getting too excited. My two dogs now go nuts just seeing a bag of ammo.


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