10 Responses to “Karma, The Destroyer”

  1. Lainey Roberts

    omg! i have a besenji, pit bull mix and she did the same thing! i was blaming it on the pit bull part! lol she did the love seat too; even after i sprayed “Yuck” on them!!!!

  2. Luvsmydog

    The thing I like about this site is it reminds me my little devils aren’t so bad after all. That’s a lot of work for such a little pup!

  3. Lmaris

    My basenji is very well crate trained, but still a destroyer of all things stuffed. This is why basenji homes almost universally have slip covers.

  4. Tara

    My Basenji is crate trained also but still loves to tear up whatever he can get away with! Never put a dog bed in the crate with him or it’s shredded and unstuffed within minutes!

  5. MJ

    I had a beagle pit bull that love to tear up umm everything too. She ate an overstuffed couch, destroyed an ottoman and a 2 chairs, chewed the wood legs on EVERYTHING even with bitter apple all over it, my wedding shoes, our 18th century Leather Bible binding, 6 seat belts in our Volvo, (did not like waiting for hubs when he had to go in somewhere she could not) a 6″ diameter hole straight through the carpet and padding which created a high heel trap, innumerable pillows, socks, shoes, slippers, sons dirty diapers when we were lax with trash cover, all kinds of trash, toys, every Christmas tree we had until we started getting 4″ table trees and blocking all access, Christmas ornaments, candles, TV remotes (6) our radio shack loved her, and on and on. She died at 19 complications from her Cushings. She was the Best Dog and I miss her.

  6. Betsy Polglase

    I had a friend who raised Irish Wolfhounds (BIG!!!). She thought we Basenji owners were wusses because her dogs didn’t chew the furniture – they chewed right through the corner of the house from the outside! You also have to monitor not only what is “stealable” on the table, you have to clean off the top of the refrigerator, as the Wolfhounds can reach it when standing up.


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