11 Responses to “Kitty makes the tastiest biscuits”

  1. Bonnie Jean MacKay

    oh come on you guys! that made me spit all over my computer screen trying to laugh with my mouth closed. Now I gotta wash it.

  2. Bobbie Grumbling

    Problem solved! We put our litter box into a large (45 qrt or bigger) plastic tub. Even our lab won’t stick her head into it and the cats have no problems using it this way. BONUS: No more litter (splashing) all over the floor since all the pawed litter ends up back in the large tub!


    the one on the right lol hes saying “screw you human i did it”, i reckon if he had fingers he’d click em lol

  4. Sassy'sMom

    AT our house it is “Kitty Kandy”. Been an going problem (may have to try the deep tub). The cat has gotten up set a few times because my lab insisted on getting the Kandy right out of the oven. 🙁


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