10 Responses to “Kula vs. door”

  1. Teri

    lol…my grandpuppy did exactly the same thing. I also just had to laugh but I felt so sorry for the poor thing. A door’s a pretty cheap thing to fix.

  2. Erin

    My little girl Dolce did the same thing. I had to take my brother to an emergency dentist appt. I had two dogs who weren’t the best of friends so I put her in my bedroom. We came back to a ripped up carpet and door. Except we’re in a rental! Lol!

  3. tammy

    Oh my goodness! Our beagle did something similar once. She was confined to the kitchen one afternoon while I was at work and I returned home to find that she had chewed two kitchen table legs off and eaten her bed which had a a feather pillow in it. She pooped feathers for days.

  4. Annie

    Look at that cute face! What a sweetie-pie. Last summer my mother in law was watching our dog for a few days and confined him to the pantry while she did an errand. He jump up onto the freezer and ate all the marshmallows! What a little stinker.

  5. Vicky

    Awww – she got lonely by herself!! Bless you (and the others who’ve survived this – LOL) for finding humor instead of anger.

  6. ateal0809

    We could never be mad at her, she is the sweetest dog, just has a little separation anxiety. We definitely were not mad at her, we actually felt bad.

  7. Ann Y.

    When I got my girl Kassie in 1996 (she passed at the end of 2011), the first night she was home, I had to run out real quick so I left her in one of the bedrooms with the door closed because I wasn’t sure how the other dogs in the house would react. I came home to the door chewed up just like in the picture and a very happy Kassie romping with all the other dogs. Good thing it was a cheap door! 🙂


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