8 Responses to “Lip Balm Bosco”

  1. Vicky

    My dog destroyed the same lip gloss (different colour/taste), but the packaging was unrecognizable!! You made out well! LOL
    I bet his puppy lips are nice and soft now!

  2. Ana

    My ridgeback is addicted to chapstick (and lids to bottles of nail polish!) In the two years I’ve had her, she’s probably destroyed 7 chapsticks!!

  3. splacer

    One of my dogs went NUTS over the same lip gloss (the orange one though). I have to hide it in a drawer. When I use it he likes to get really close and sniff my lips! The pink one has not received the same attention.

  4. Laurence

    I know it looks like a ball, but he eats EVERYTHING haha! Bosco and his sister(Kira) are 2 troublemakers but i LOVE them <3 Mommy's not sorry for exposing you baby haha

  5. Allison

    Our littlest one ate the same exact thing; except it was the dog sitters and I only found the evidence a week after we got back.

  6. Kathryn

    My dog are the ball of lip gloss out of mine and chewed up the plastic container. She also lays like this with her legs under her. Maybe she is part dachshund.


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