11 Responses to “Lucy”

  1. Melissa

    My Boomer will do anything to break up a kiss! He gets so jealous then DEMANDS the attention!!

  2. Laura

    Our Staffordshire bull terrier cross is exactly the same. Just slobbers all over us both and gets right in the middle.

  3. Jillibean

    Must be the boxer part, my boxer girl does the same thing, she MUST be in the middle of any embrace of any type…:)

  4. Kathleen Jarvis Wells

    Oh, absolutely! Devlyn and Zoe (Boxers) are the affection and fun police. If Mama and Daddy are touching, they must interrupt. Generally by jumping up to rest their front legs on our arms and stick their wet noses on our necks. If ONE dog is getting attention and not the other, they will come from the other level of the house to interrupt.

  5. PR

    My schnauzer/shih tzu mix Maddie does the exact same thing, she barks too tho lol.. we can’t come within 100 ft of each other without her being right in the middle of it lol… she even has to sleep between us lol…

  6. Rachel

    Oh my, this reminds me of my 10-month-old mutt pup, who’s recently been allowed to sleep in bed with me and her human dad. She has the whole bottom part to keep our feet warm, but she *insists* on laying right in between us instead. She usually tries to claim a pillow for herself, too.


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