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  1. Valerie

    Our Boxer does the same thing. He lays on the bed with his head at our feet & let’s them rip. Then he smacks his lips for about 5 minutes & starts snoring.

  2. 3Boston s

    No raw foods won’t change a thing its because of their short faces, they swallow lots of air. He is precious.

  3. lkmondine@gmail.com

    i have two frenchie and they eat raw and some kibble but i soak the kibble before they eat it so that it is easier for them to digest and the farting is almost non existent except when they eat something that is not on their diet…scraps from begging, stuff they find laying in the street…as well fed as they are they are also certian that they are momentarily going to starve to death…

  4. stars15k

    I suggest a change in diet, too. I feed grain-free and it does wonders. And it has the added benefit of making small, firm, turds, which themselves are almost odorless. We had to change diets since our mini dachshund is allergic to grass.

  5. Phryne

    My bostons got very very gassy as they aged. Our vet gave us a dosage amount for regular over the counter gas relief (ie mylanta or similar) that worked like a charm. Really only needed a bit a couple times a week when they started clearing rooms. Was a life saver!

  6. vanessa

    My Boston Terrier is called Boogley and his farts are so fierce that my whole house stinks of them. He can clear a room AND THEN SOME. We’ve tried everything and nothing stops it.

  7. Lori

    Change his food! Did wonders for my friends farty French Bulldogs. Start with grain free, then go to raw if that doesn’t work.

  8. Mindy

    My Frenchies only get farty when they eat treats that aren’t a normal part of their diet. They eat Sojo’s treats without issue. Otherwise they eat regular old Nutru Small dog food, but the one difference is that I do free feed them which allows them to “graze” as opposed to “guzzle” their food so they don’t swallow so much air. And I use one of those water fountains so they drink from pouring water instead of sticking their faces into the water.

  9. Jenny

    Poor thing needs different food. Our Frenchie has been eating raw for years and is never gassy.


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