17 Responses to “My Protector”

  1. stars15k

    Nice wheels! They are in our future; Squirt did not recover 100% with his second slipped disc. Squirt is fearless, too……….as long as the big scary dogs cannot get him. Then he is a wimp. We describe him as a big dog with short legs.

  2. Liza

    My 40# coonhound pushes around my 100+ pound wolfhound mix….my 20# chihuahua mix is the boss of both of them. Dogs are amazing!

  3. Pauline

    This may be the funniest picture I’ve seen on dog shaming! Both your dogs are so beautiful and I love the expressions on their faces. Too cute.

  4. Stan

    There was a great episode of the Dog Whisperer where Cesar was called upon to rehabilitate a dog at a pit bull rescue that was aggressive and terrorizing the other dogs… The vicious pup? A 4 lb chihuahua!


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