23 Responses to “Next time, on Hoarders…”

  1. Beans

    My rescue does that. The other night I couldn’t sleep and ended up finding a deer antler under my pillow. My bed is her favorite place to hoard.

  2. carol

    i think shes just a pack rat in dogs clothing…. lol… shes protecting your stuff cus she loves you…

  3. Frannie

    I once found a cache of missing underwear under my rescue doodle’s bed. They do weird things, but I’d never have anything but a rescue doggie.

  4. thekatefactor

    My rescue does this too! She can even unzip zippers. Very weird. She smashed an ornament up at Christmas and hid it under a dog bed cushion.

  5. Sinatra

    The mini dox at our house just started hoarding, and he’s not a rescue. It’s very funny what he takes in and how he protects it from me!

  6. leepatterson

    My Danny does the same with her toys and she likes used kleenex and if we don’t get it away from him he eats them I often wonder why,

  7. Sally Hopkins

    My Golden use to take a sharp Cutco paring knife out of the kitchen sink, carrying it outside through two dog doors to her favorite spot on the lawn. Miraculously, she never seemed to cut her mouth. Hopefully, she’s now outgrown taking knives out, but all of the toys get emptied out of the basket and carried outside on a regular basis. Sigh

  8. Alyson

    my rescue steals from me all the time! anytime something is missing i just have to check under my bed…. it’s always there (maybe in pieces)… his new favorite is hoarding the cat toys and treats.

  9. Cheri

    Oh my goodness! I had a rescue who was the queen of hoarding! She would pace and snort and literally throw herself on the floor when I was cleaning out her stash!

    • Heather

      We had a doxie that did that a few times after she was fixed. She would find a little home & steal all of our small stuffed animals for her puppies. She even fake fed them, pulling them up to her in a little line.

  10. Amber

    My blue heeler does that too. In fact she hid it all in our empty suitcase. She says it’s her stuff.

  11. napole

    Our Maltese-Poodle mutt steals, hides and hoards all of our socks in her crate, under the sofa cushions, under the sofa and under our bed cover.

  12. Cat

    I had a hoarder foster. She was from an amish puppy mill who was dumped at a shelter after her uterus prolapsed. We surmised that the only time she received attention there was when she had puppies. Her hoarding of items were attempts to recreate puppies.
    She would pull shoes and socks off our feet to place in her crate. Any rug or blanket were taken there. Every dog toy. Anything that fell to the floor, clothing shoes, feeding and watering dishes. I’d find cutlery, scissors, CD cases.
    I keep slipcovers on my furniture. One morning I heard strange noises. Investigating, I see her using the ties from the slipcovers to drag an easy chair across the floor to the open door of her crate. It didn’t fit of course.
    Surprisingly, all the other dogs enjoyed being in her crate now. I’d look over to see 3 dogs taking naps there. After a few months with me and getting adopted, she no longer hoards. She has toys that she leaves laying around. She can wear doggie sweaters/coats without pulling them off.

  13. Peggy

    Awww what a sweetheart! And the silver lining is you always know the first place to look when stuff is missing. 🙂


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