12 Responses to “Quality Control”

  1. Tonya

    What kind of dog is this? He looks very similar to one of my fosters whose breed we can’t really identify. Very cute! He actually looks like he could be one of Reese’s puppies.

  2. Shannon Fuller

    I am curious too about what kind he is??! He looks so much like my dog just shorter hair!

  3. BringOnTheShaming

    hahaha That’s awesome. Poor lil’ Marvin is like “Well….! What did you expect me to do? The smell was killing me! I enjoyed every last minute. But okay…just a teeny tiny bit sorry!” And he is such a great looking pup…is he part Doberman?

  4. Shannon Fuller

    It’s so wierd how similar he looks to my dog. She only weighs about 35 pounds and could be this dogs clone! We rescued her from a shelter and have no idea of her breed.

  5. nadine fenchak

    Funny reading all the replies, b/c this looks just like my dog who is also very naughty w/ food……in fact, the markings are so similar, i thought it was my dog!!!

  6. DogMom

    WOW! What is happening here? He looks like my rescue girl, too. Found on the streets of Hartford, CT. She is part Dobe, part who knows?? I’m sponsoring a foster girl in NJ who looks just like her too. Is there cloning somewhere?????

  7. Rachel

    My little girl looks just like this, too. Her mother was a doberman, but the humane society didn’t know what else she was. All her sisters were white with brown markings.

  8. Bobbie Grumbling

    How funny…looks just like my little guy but he’s part chiwawa, rat terrier & miniature pincher! LOL

  9. cmc44

    totally a red-dobie thing. when we got our red dobie girl, we were told “she is very motivated by food.” yes, yes she was.


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