11 Responses to “Screw your new year’s resolutions!”

  1. Lucille Kujawa

    A pice of advise – use metal needles. Problem solved. Now if I could only solve the problem of my cats chasing the yarn and trying to chew on it while I knit – short of locking them out of the room.

  2. stars15k

    As a knitter, I can relate. If you are just learning, metal will do, but bamboo and wood are the easiest on your hands. They have a bit more “give” as you knit. I’ve been knitting for over 40 years, and bamboo is the only ones I will use. My current dogs leave the needles alone, but have to claim everything I make as theirs. I include with gifts the yarn label and an extra 1% dog hair. I knit them a rug….and they ignore it. Guess they don’t like acrylic.

  3. rubiatonta

    My cat prefers that I knit with birch or bamboo — I have a number of needles with little kitty toof marks in them. My dog was never much interested in my knitting…

  4. heatherkay

    Too funny! I’ve been knitting about that long, and I will only use metal. The wood/bamboo ones might be easier on the hands, but it’s easier to slip the yarn on and off the metal needles. Also harder (but not impossible) to chew on.

  5. Stressfactor

    My Rattie also leaves my bamboo needles alone but anything I’m knitting she insists on laying on… particularly the skeins — she likes to use them as pillows.

  6. M J Martinez

    Hmmm…I’ll trade you, Gracie started chewing on the arm of the Morris chair…but ya gota love ’em…

  7. Julie

    Of course Mommy shouldn’t knit – she needs to give you all of her undivided attention!! What a cutie.

  8. Gibson's Mom

    That’s my pup! I’ve since started using metal needles or keeping the work-in-progress higher than dog-height. She better be careful though, or I’ll be knitting her a sweater!


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