8 Responses to “Seatbelts taste nice”

  1. Brenda

    A rawhide diversion is a good idea but I’d spray the seat belts with bitter apple which is available at most pet stores.

  2. Kmbustos

    Bitter apple is a good idea but be warned, some dogs like it! Doesn’t slow my Yorkie down one bit!

  3. Boat Race

    We tried tabasco on our wooden table to stop the hound chewing the coffee table, to our horror, he loves chilli, mad dash trying to rub tabasco of the damn thing, now he stills chillis

  4. Heather

    I’ve gone through 7 (yes 7) seatbelts. I’ve tried Bitter Apple, Red/Chili Pepper, etc. The only thing that works is crating my black lab mix. I feel your pain!!

  5. Carol

    My first weim, whom I didn’t get until he was 9, went thru 1.5 seat belts in the time I had him (heard he went thru several before I got him). Loved him anyway and still miss him.


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