9 Responses to “Sir Sheds-A-Lot”

  1. Mary Guhin

    I have a white Shiba Inu husky mix who sheds a lot all the time., it drifts in corners like snow. Fortunately he loves to be brushed, but it is exhausting to keep up with

  2. Billye

    I sometimes wonder how my dog isn’t bald. I swear I could knit a whole new dog every time I vacuum.

  3. cc4c

    GET A ZOOM GROOM!!! It’s made by Kong, from the Kong material. Hair sticks to it. I use it on my cats. I take handfuls of undercoat off them.

  4. natalie

    Awww… he looks like my Australian Kelpie. I will never forget the first day we got her. We brushed her until it felt like our arms were going to fall off and she was STILL shedding everywhere.


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