9 Responses to “Sock Monkey is a Dead Monkey”

  1. Susan

    Dogs love the stuffed toys! I trained my dog years ago to play with hers so they don’t get destroyed. A huge saving for my wallet, that’s for sure. Now each one lasts a year or more.

  2. Billyet

    We have to buy the unstuffed, road kill looking toys. Otherwise, “Cujo” kills and guts them. She’s even been known to turn some of them inside out.

  3. Kathy Muench

    Every time my dog as a puppy attacked a stuffed toy I switched the toy for a chew or a bone he could chew on. He soon learned that stuffed animals were not for chewing. If he wanted to keep the stuffed toy, he could lick but not chew. We have to pick up most of his toys when his doggie friends come over to play.


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