20 Responses to “Stinky Luke”

  1. Jeanette

    There is nothing quite as bad as a Boxer fart!! I have been jolted out of a dead sleep more than once!

  2. Jenna Rodriguez

    Doesn’t matter what you feed a boxer, he will still stink! We even asked our vet because we thought something was wrong w him!!! She said nope,just a boxer trait!!!

    • RBS

      Not true at all. Boxer’s digestive tracks are very sensitive, but find the right food and the horrible smell will diminish drastically. I’ve had many Boxers and each one had a different food brand to make the smell go away from Solid Gold to Blue Buffalo Basics and a few other ones (not trying to push any brands here). Avoid treats while testing out foods and take about a week or more to slowly change brands by mixing the new food in slowly. Good luck.

  3. Redscity

    Great face! He reminds me of some old humans. That face is like, “I am old. Leave me alone”.

  4. kayjay71

    OMG….my little pittie sleeps in bed and I swear sometimes I have to actually check to see if she just crapped in my bed….wow…potent rear ends…LOL

  5. Ann Y.

    I have a boxer/pit mix and her farts can clear a room and bring tears to your eyes. I also asked my vet about it and he said I was feeding her correctly and it’s just a boxer and a pit thing and that I was just lucky enough to get the right combo dog 🙂 The funniest thing is that she will fart like crazy and sleep right through it! Too bad I can’t say the same lol

  6. Dawn

    SOOOOOO funny!! I can relate!!!! I used to keep air freshener by the bend for the middle of the night! (In our case it got better when we switched cheese for the peanut butter we had been putting in his Kong.)

  7. Gems

    I have a baby boxer and her farts are bad so I dread to think what they will be like when she gets old lol


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