5 Responses to “Tank vs Emergency break”

  1. mikeyintheoc

    And by the looks of ol’ Tank there, it looks like he’s having a good laugh to.

  2. Triphina

    He he ha ha …my german shorthair ate the nobs off the radio and the heater. Delicious treats! Much less expensive, only 30 bucks each.

  3. Farmors Katt

    I looked after my neighbour’s baby miniature rabbit and the evil creature ate the buttons off my remote – the guy at the shop laughed until he cried…This selfsame animal also pooped among my raisins while I took a bathrooom break in the middle of a movie on TV – nasty surprise, that was! 😀 Not to mention what he did to the cats…

  4. mikeyintheoc

    Oh Lord. Rabbits! man those sweet animals are Billy goats! All kidding aside they like to chew on electrical cords..someone needs to watch out for this.

  5. Dawn Hampton

    Michelle, I’m glad you put yourself in the corner! LOL. Yes, I think you’re the only one who’s concerned about this.

    BTW, it only takes a few minutes… I know from experience!


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