10 Responses to “The tea mugging of aught-twelve”

  1. Allison Bethea

    My pug did this to me once. I left the room, came back and noticed the two teabags that were in my mug were gone. Thought maybe I had thrown them out and forgotten but they weren’t in the trash can either. There was only one other possibility. Induced vomiting with hydrogen peroxide and there they were!

  2. scoutiepants

    Does anyone know what type of dog that is?! I adopted a dog from SPCA who looks exactly like the little cutie in this post!!! (all they could tell me was that he might be some sort of terrier mix)

  3. Jessie

    Looks like a combo of a wired hair & long hair dachshund. Though I could be way off

  4. Brenda

    This is very likely a standard Yorkshire Terrier, as are most Yorkies in England. These dogs are usually blonde with a grey back-coat or sometimes entirely blonde. The Yorkie in the photo has “puppy dog” ears rather than the upward standing ears of the miniature Yorkies usually seen in the U.S. My own dog is a standard Yorkie with the grey back-coat and the floppy ears. I rescued my Harry but his vet told me he has all characteristics of a purebred standard Yorkie, as does the little tea drinker in the photo. These standard Yorkies are “something else.”

  5. Joe

    I was going to ask what type it is too since mine looks like it and sleeps like that as well. Mine is a yorkie shih tzu mix and is the same colour. About 7-8 lbs.

  6. Kim

    My pup looks like this one and he is yorkie/Llaso apso mix, all hod black is gone pretty much and mostly gold

  7. Kelli

    We rescued a dog earlier in the year and he looks just like this dog, except a tad bit larger. I have always wondered what mixture he was!


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