18 Responses to “Therapy dog suspended”

  1. Redscity

    He just wanted his therapy. Isn’t it therapy to pee after holding it for so long? 🙂 Too cute! lol

  2. Andrea

    So cute! We have that at our school too, but we call it TOR (Time-out-Room). And, I bet your dog is much better behaved than most the kids in the TOR!!

  3. yo

    when did all of the nitpicking and the you’re-not-a-good-pet-owner-so-I-must-judge-you comments start?! I LOVE dogshaming posts and I love seeing like-minded dog lovers comment on how adorable each and every pup is. Enough with playing pet-police and stop with the judgements. Do what this site is intended for and smile at all of the doggy shenanigans.

  4. TamtamImdolfan

    Actually this dog is a girl 🙂 it’s my daughters. And she is a very good rotten dog lol


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