7 Responses to “Tired puppy”

  1. Lucille

    Our Boston Terrier ate it too. The vet said it is like potato chips to a dog. We solved the problem by putting a gate up in the utility room door, which was where the litter boxes resided. The dog couldn’t jump over the gate. The cats could, and we could open it like a door.

  2. deb

    Lol, we have a shameful poop eater also. Makes the husband all but lose his lunch when he see’s it happening. I’m a nurse, you can’t scare me with a little poop!

  3. Bobbie Grumbling

    we put our litter box into one of those large 60 quart tubs. Dogs won’t jump into it and the cat’s have no problem with it at all. BONUS…. no more litter kicked out of the short box all over the laundry room floor!!!!

  4. ajay

    my dog did this too, it was a race between us who would get to the litter tray first. lucky my cats stopped using the tray and finally decided to go outside and my dog has not touched the poop since.

  5. ashley

    You can get anti-caprophagic power to add to the cat’s food. It is weird to me that someone created something to make poop taste worse.


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