7 Responses to “While the Dog Shaming family was away on their honeymoon…”

  1. Margo Grace Carr

    Both of my Doxis are lickers. My mini compulsively licks the other Doxi and furniture. Had to ban all dogs from the bed because he would lick the sheets so much that they would be too wet to sleep on.

  2. stars15k

    Squirt doesn’t lick anything except the flavor off the chewies before chewing them. He’s very polite that way. Poor baby that he actually needs a cone of shame. I would need to be shamed because I would be playing skee ball with dog treats.

  3. patti

    Congrats on your nuptials, and I know it’s wrong, but he does look kinda cute with the cone. I think it’s the eyes. I could never get mad at that face … he must have missed being part of the excitement!

  4. cc4c

    My pupster chews at his itchy spots (all of him), soooo he’s permanently lampshaded in the house and on long car trips. So sad, but it’s better for him…


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