13 Responses to “Whose bed?”

  1. Shauna

    My dog is the same, in fact he sleeps anywhere and everywhere, well at least when dads at work lol

  2. Vicky

    LOL! Mine does the same thing. She won. The couch now has a blanket on it unless we have company coming! PS/ That is one FINE bed he has though!!

  3. Nancy

    I gave up trying to keep my Great Pyrenees and Irish Wolfhound dogs off the
    couch. Now, I just put blankets on and let them have it. When company comes over, or I want the couch, I just take the blankets off.

  4. Stressfactor

    I really couldn’t deprive my Rattie of the couch — particularly since it faces the front door and she likes to wait there to greet me when I come home. The only concession I made was getting rid of the decorative throw pillows (since she liked to wallow all over them) and giving her one of my old bed pillows to lay on instead. She curls up on “her” pillow and leaves the rest of the sofa alone!

  5. DogMom

    Thus spaketh all dogs and dog owners!!! I love all the toys lined up on the “other” (rejected) bed. BTW – when the dogs hog the couch (which we cover w/washable cotton waterproof sheets, you’ll find those dog beds to be very comfortable — I did. Should I be on people shaming?

  6. Elle

    LOL. Dog beds are for chumps! My lab/mix used to sleep only on the couch even though he had two memory foam beds in the living room!

  7. Grumpy

    If you start sitting on the dog’s bed, he’ll come over and join you. Its not so much that the couch is more comfortable, they just want to be where you are and do the same things you do. Hang out on the couch, eat what you eat, sleep in your bed, go for car rides, etc.

  8. Jay

    I know a couple of people who don’t like breathing in memory foam. A dog might hate it even more.

  9. Fred

    The couch is higher than the bed. Dogs are always “on watch”. You may be able to condition a dog to stay off the couch, but you’re working against millions of years of evolution and if you slip up once, all your work will be undone.

  10. Jackie

    I dont even sit on that couch no one does. I wash the slip covers all the time and he still just wants that couch. He has also resorted to sitting on the coffee table to stare at me when I watch TV. At first i thought he wanted something but now I think hes just being a creep. Still love my boy he goes to work with me everyday and sleeps in that bed there.


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