8 Responses to “Yummm, Expensive Electronics!”

  1. Sarah B.

    i love my kindle and i love my dog – not sure what i would do in this situation…..

  2. Kathy

    Fortunately ereaders have really dropped in price, so replacing it won’t be so bad. Even if you went with an used on a eBay or something. That still sucks though!

  3. Callie

    Unfortunately, this kindle model was discontinued, so we had to pay more to buy a newer one. We couldn’t wait to have it shipped from somewhere that did still have the old model in stock because it was less than a week til Christmas. We had no idea that Sammy would eat something like a Kindle! He mostly had been eating dog beds, comforters, stuffed animals, etc. NOW WE KNOW! Lol

  4. Molly

    hahaha that’s a beagle for you! ours is lucky we’re not attached to any of our stuff. because she ruins allll of it.


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