10 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Joe”

  1. terri

    OH JOE!!!! I love you!! I would bring you into my Boxer family if we lived closer! I have 2 Boxers girls so you would be The King! <3 I hope you find someone who will love you the way you deserve to be loved. Oh & forget the statue…you are forgiven!

  2. Melissa M

    Too cute! I have the ‘ladies’ but one would drop dead on the spot if a handsome lad like yourself showed up. She’s up there in years plus I live in Canada. Good luck Joe!

  3. Bre Roy

    Awe he is so cute. If I didn’t live in an apartment and in Texas I would adopt him in a heartbeat. Good luck Joe on finding a forever home.

  4. Luiza

    Oh, God, I want Joe! Really bad, but I live in another country, and this adoption would not be possible. I hope with all my heart he can find his forever home with a loving family to take care and love him as he deserves. The sweetest doggie face I ever saw.

  5. D.M

    Sooo cute! I live in Silver Spring and have a Boxer named Megatron but he’s a boy 🙁 been wanting another Boxer baby

  6. Cindy

    Keep us posted and let us know how It turns out. We have a petite little rescued girl here in Kansas. Boxers are forever! Joe deserves a forever home. Boxer smooches from Nina Nina BoBina.


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