5 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Libby”

  1. Andrea

    What a great dog. I wish more people would consider adopting adult dogs – rather than puppies. (don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with puppies). But, if you want to be past the “baby” stage – the potty training, teething, crying all night, craziness, etc…. a grown-up dog is the way to go!!! And, in my opinion, they truly appreciate you because I think they know that you saved them!!!

  2. Stressfactor

    Awww…. “Adoptable Fridays” is *killing* me because I’d love to adopt many of these characters but my current dog has to be an ‘only dog’ so…. no roommates allowed.

    I hope Libby finds a happy home she looks like a sweetheart….

  3. pamela

    I know.. I have and “only cat” who herself was a rescue. I do agree with Andrea… adult animals are so adoptable.


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