9 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Scarlet”

  1. Stressfactor

    She’s up for adoption so I imagine she’s already been through a full physical. Every SPCA I’ve known does this to make sure a dog is okay to be adopted out. So if she had anything deeply wrong I imagine it would have been checked out by now.

  2. Stressfactor

    Added: If you look at her profile and check the other pictures it looks like she’s very bowlegged… almost Buldog-like in stance. Considering she’s a Shar-Pei mix it’s possible there’s some Bulldog in her mix somewhere or some other bully-breed type dog which tends to have that bowlegged stance.

  3. Caitlyn Bates

    That looks like the inverse of the congenital knee/ankle subluxation my dog has. Regardless, whoever adopts her should get it checked out again and possibly corrected; my adoption agency convinced me it would just require physical therapy but $6000 later and it causes her to limp still (and it’s getting worse).

  4. Carolyn

    She is a beautiful girl! Very sweet too! Hoping to get enough donations to cover her surgery!

  5. Amanda

    If you wanted to meet her and consider adopting, where would you go? Im in el dorado.


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