5 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Ziggy”

  1. leepatterson

    He looks like my little Danny, I got my dog at a pet store he was brought back because they couldn’t handle him. We took him to dog training twice but now he listens and is the best company a couple could ever have, I have no children so he is my fur baby and no he’s not spoiled ha ha ha

  2. Andrea

    he looks excatly like my shoo-poo rescue. An awesome little dog, great with young kids, his brother and was easy to train.

  3. Donna DeWeese

    Any burglar is going to pass by a house where a big dog lives. Criminals go for easy targets (I know b/c I have worked in a prison for over 7 years). You should be charged LESS, just as though you had a high-tech alarm system. I want to see the actuarial evidence of increased claims involving these so-called dangerous breeds. At the state level, we need a Secretary of State to take on the insurance companies and BE A HERO!

    • Donna DeWeese

      Sorry, I was so mad I posted under the wrong doggie, meant to be under the Rottie discussion. I would snap Ziggy and the ADORABLE underbite up in half a second if I were there. Someone is going to get a wonderful best friend for life.


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