6 Responses to “Am I squishing you? Too bad!”

  1. Kat

    That is dominance. One of my Chi’s does that too. I keep trying to train her to stop it. Both f my girls are rescues. One is pure white lie your girls. Lots of joy!

  2. sheila

    It’s adorable and it looks like she is seeking comfort and affection to me. Thanks for rescuing.

  3. Kel

    This is so cute, but the fact that they’re mama and daughter make it even better. I’m glad they were adopted together.

  4. intownsville

    Hiya from Australia. We have 2 Chis we FOSTERED from a rescue. 5 years ago, obviously the foster thing became an adoption. I’m amazed at what beautiful, gentle and living boys they are, nothing like the bd press chihuahuas normally get.

  5. Nichole

    Glad everyone’s enjoying our girls’ shaming. I’m their human mama. @Kat, Daisy is definitely the dominant dog. Lily just likes to snuggle and Daisy actually prefers to be squished at all times. Ha!


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