11 Responses to “Anxiety gets the best of Chloe”

  1. napole

    We are lucky (?) that our 5 month old newly adopted mutt only chews on our undies and socks. Ugh! Thanks for the tip on using crate as a safe haven. We have only trained her to use it for sleep at night.

  2. Sherry Prested

    Your Chloe looks exactly like my Lucy and she too has separation issues. We’ve lost too many things to list but I just chalked it up to being a puppy. I’ve never even thought about using a crate because I’ve never liked them. Maybe I will have to rethink them.

  3. Jackie

    What a beautiful dog! My puppy shredded some new carpeting on our main staircase…the crate is a great idea. She will feel so much better in her own cozy space, our dog often goes there on his own. Everyone needs their own “den”.

  4. Lyn

    Chloe is a sweetie, she just got anxious for a moment. Our dog Max ate 3 couches in his day when he was young so I empathize. 🙂


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