16 Responses to “Appetite for Destruction”

  1. Thy

    When my pup was chewing on walls, I put hot sauce (don’t worry vet approved) on the common locals. The result was not quite what I had in mind – she loved the hot sauce; however, she stopped chewing, started licking, and after the hot sauce was all licked away, she got bored!

  2. Laurie Dodd Tennyson-Alexander

    He looks a little like my Corgi, who also has the “chew” problem. He will jump up from a sound sleep if he hears something hit the floor and anything to hit the floor, he considers his. He has destroyed door frames, every toy that my 2 greyhounds have had & cherished for years, paper is his favorite, hats, shoes, purses. It’s a wonder he’s survived to adulthood, but he’s so darn cute.

  3. Carla

    He’s only 4 months old.. hopefully he’ll outgrow it before he eats the whole house. 🙂 Mine did, just be patient…. and don’t put anything irreplaceable within reach. Meanwhile, enjoy this cutie pie!

  4. Ann Y.

    I had a dog once who liked to chew on a wood leg on a piece of furniture. I tried the hot sauce and of course, he loved it!


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