18 Responses to “Bread Bandit”

  1. Laura Staggs Wallace

    I kept finding dog kibble in my PURSE and it was embarrassing to pull it out in the store while looking for pens, etc. I couldn’t figure how doggy kibble was getting into my purse until I noticed my dachshund near my purse after a visit to her doggy bowl.

  2. Danielle Weber

    Love it! Years ago, I had a toy poodle who was able to get onto the kitchen table in spite of the chairs being pushed in, steal a 4″x4″ square of cornbread from the baking pan, carry it to a 2nd floor bedroom and hide it, unbroken, under my father’s pillow.

  3. Cathryn Levvey

    My dog used to hide butter under pilows and the sugar bowl, all licked out in the backyard.One day she hid wet dog food under my sister’s pillow.

  4. Linda

    Our female miniature dachshund used to do this with kitchen towels, then she’d snack on them. Could never figure out how she got them off the kitchen counter.

  5. Amy Reineri

    Our family dog was a half-AKC-Newfoundland/half enterprising Golden Retriever. She could extract a bread bag from a shopping bag without tipping it over, then devour is through a small hole in the side in a matter of seconds. First sign a loaf of bread was missing? When she would turn down her dinner.

    • Andrea

      My dogs would NEVER turn down dinner… even after eating a loaf of bread!

  6. Jennifer

    Our cockapoo got into the trash one day and found a chicken carcass. My husband (who had left the door to the trash open, so he deserved it) came home to find every potted plant in our house dug up and chicken bones buried in the pots. Furious, he repotted all the plants and cleaned up the mess. Later that night, the dog jumped up on the bed and started to “dig” between our mattress and headboard. When I looked down there, I found the remaining half of the chicken carcass. My husband says he didn’t notice that half of the chicken carcass was missing.


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