11 Responses to “Burrowing beagle”

    • Beagle Buggy driver

      Ditto on the two beagles but my under-the-covers girl doessn’t have the sense to make ahole. Althoug we have found her poking her head out onto the pillow, every once in a while

  1. zephyr

    These pics are the funniest I’ve seen here. My labs have done some funny things with their beds and with our bed but nothing like Leila’s effort! BTW I love beagles, a very clever breed — even if the results are not always what you want 🙂

  2. George Johnson

    Yep. That’s what Beagles and hounds do, burrow. There’s just something about them that makes them burrow like gophers. But I’m surprised she made the hole for her head, most are quite comfortable to just stay under the covers, and it amazes me how they can breathe!!
    You should try a treeing walker coonhound, they’re like beagles, with long legs, and brains. (still burrow though)


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