9 Responses to “But they taste so good!”

  1. Lisa

    Oh my gosh, this is our dog’s long-lost clone — pillow-licking and all! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Liz

    You cannot get mad at this face. This precious pup gives you more love than the price of buying new pillows. What a face! Looks like my old lab, Sydney…miss him! Let Abby lick away!!!!

  3. Missy

    My Jack Russell is a couch licker! You can ask her, when she is obviously doing so, Are you licking the couch? She will place her paw on that spot or lay her head on it as to hide it. Your dog is beautiful, he can come over to our house anytime. We have about a million pillows!

  4. JL Thomas

    Trust me–she could be licking far nastier, more disgusting things. And doing it in front of your mother-in-law.

  5. Sheesqua

    Haha! Abby is a pillow freak and a beautiful lab. One of my dogs is a pillow freak also, except he gets “freaky” with the pillow and then destroys it.

  6. Nicki and Bullitt

    My dog is a blanket nibbler!! Must be a distant cousin to the pillow licker!!! You gotta love em!!!


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