12 Responses to “Cat poo eater”

  1. bringontheshaming

    Awww…sweet little thing! She has this look of “I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself!” on her face. LOL

  2. Sheila Burgener

    Hahahaha! I’m sorry, dogs are so funny. Been through this, too. There is something in the cat poo that is irresistible to them. Look it up, ’cause I think there’s something you can put in the cat’s food (not harmful or oogie tasting) that will put off the dog. hee hee, good luck. He is CUTE!

  3. Jennifer

    I was told by my vet that all cat poop is is reconstituted cat food…so it makes sense that my dog and this dog finds it a delicacy!

  4. brooke

    Put unseasoned meat tenderizer in the cat’s food. The cat can’t tell the difference and isn’t harmed by it. The dog will take one bite from the litter box and NEVER go back.

  5. Shirley

    We were told by our trainer that if your dog indulges in “kitty Snickers”, the same thing that makes the litter clump up in the litter box will do the same in your dog’s digestive tract. It can be very dangerous, acting as an obstruction that they can’t process!

  6. Lucille kujawa

    My vet says kitty poop is like potato hips for dogs. We put up. Gate o the dog couldn’t get to the kitty litter.


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