11 Responses to “Construction Dog”

  1. Charl R

    It’s got nothing to do with “stress”, the rend contains fish scale extract – my dog used to be a little madam for it and she was the happiest dog ever!

  2. audrey

    My dog did that too! the vet said she was missing nutrients. What nutrients are in drywall? Seriously???
    Darn cute dog though!

  3. G

    My dog did the same thing- in a vacation home! Every day the sunset made a shadow move on one part of the wall… Skipper mistook this shadow for an evil beast that he had to destroy at all costs. It was only in our best interest…

  4. NonnyMus

    Just so you all know, drywall contains calcium and traces of minerals such as zinc and selenium. Latex paint can taste fishy or sweet to animals. In the U.S. there is no lead in paint because of government regulations for the past 5 decades.

  5. esme

    My dog used to lick and eat the drywall until we told her that we were going a new puppy and get rid of her. She stopped, and people say dogs don’t understand language and threats don’t work.


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