11 Responses to “Get off of the phone, Mom!”

  1. Rebecca

    My dog Suzie will not stop barking when I’m on the phone for more than 2 minutes, like a toddler!

  2. jesslovesjackrussells

    My dog does that to his daddy when he’s on business calls! Odin is beautiful

  3. Molly Nagel

    My Seamus does this when I use my sewing machine. No idea what it is, but he’ll sit next to me, poking me with his nose, and crying the whole time.

  4. Annie

    Kolby does not want me on the computer, cell or regular telephone. He wants me on the floor available to play at all times should he feel like it. He whines like a baby too when I am on technology. Yes, like a two year old forever

  5. kim

    too funny! my mom’s boston terrier chewed up her dentures when she was on the phone. She had a fun time explaining that to the dentist!

  6. Redscity

    Looks and sounds like my black lab/pitbull (or rott) mix. He sighs if I don’t go play ball and whines when I don’t let him on the bed. I am a sucker and give in. He is too cute, I can’t help it.

  7. Simply Craig

    What is an honest dog to do when human women chit chat on the phone about nothing consequential!!

  8. Courtney

    Can’t believe this is still out there! Odin is now 9 years old and is STILL a big baby! Love my sweet, momma’s boy.


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