19 Responses to “I am NOT allowed to sleep on this couch”

  1. Ryn

    My grandparents don’t want our dogs on the couch because of hair, so we bring up blankets to put down. The reason being that our dogs are couch ninjas like this guy xD

  2. Chloe

    He’s just showing you that the couch is THEE PERFECT size for him soooooo you should just let him sleep on it! His snoring is an added effect to make his point, that this couch should be HIS! lol!

  3. Corin

    Can I ask what kind of dog you have? This looks exactly like a foster dog we have right now and we (and the rescue) are clueless as to what to tell people when they ask what he is. We assume he’s some sort of shepard b/c of the face. Cute picture!

  4. abigail89

    What a great looking dog. My mom initially didn’t want our dog on the sofa. And then Fred jumped up and snuggled beside her. She changed her mind.

  5. Michelle

    @Corin, my dog looks identical to this one and she is a german shepherd/boxer mix. She came from Arkansas & is 3 years old. Not that you need that information but it’d be neat if they were related. I’m a dork. =P

  6. jo

    its a leonberger me thinks. my leo, cleo, will wait until someone gets up to go to the loo or get a drink then steal their spot. countless amounts of time ive come back to find a giant hairy bear on my sofa 😀


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