10 Responses to “I ate ALL the cat food”

  1. Kathy H

    Gosh, would’t it be great to MOVE the cat food? It can really upset her system, why bait her?

  2. Donna Weatherfield

    Dogs will always head right for the cat food if it is accessible. Must move that cat bowl as the cat food is way too high in protein for your dog and will cause health problems. I had to move the cat’s bowl to the top of my dryer in the laundry room to keep the dogs out of it. The cat could easily leap up to eat it but no more worrying about the dogs getting sick.

  3. Julie

    I had to have “cat zones” in our house. gates and window shelves worked out ok not all the time though. lol

  4. German Chocolate Betty

    My cattle dog would also consider the cat’s food as an appetizer. Luckily, she can’t reach it because it’s on a windowsill behind a table. She dances around the edge of the table, but just can’t get her tongue out far enough to actually snag anything! (smile)

  5. BonBon

    All dogs love cat food, tho not good for them. Need to move bowl. Lucy adorable keep her healthy

  6. Adrienne

    The cat should probably guard her food bowl a little better. My cats are very protective of their feeding area. The dog knows better – although she sometime tries.

  7. 2poodlesandme

    The last bag of cat food I saw had 30% protein, the decent dog foods I’ve seen or purchased have been at 30% -36% and higher- protein isn’t the issue. In reality though, if it comes from a bag, the chances of the food being species appropriate are slim. Swiping a bowl of cat food every now and then is frustrating but not harmful.

    Everyone should just enjoy the cute picture of the cute dog not make anyone worry.

    Lucy is adorable and I’m sure you love her very much. I love her “baby seal” pose.


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