16 Responses to “I got expelled from dog daycare”

  1. Heather

    True life. My beagle humped so many faces at daycare that they forbade him (and his perfectly well-behaved brother) from coming back unless both dogs go to obedience lessons. Way to go, butt-face.

  2. camille

    My corgi was also expelled from doggie daycare for biting the caregiver who was petting another dog.

  3. mikeyintheoc

    Two ways Maggie should gone: The Willie Nelson reply:1) 🙁 when caught in bed with another woman from his wife). ” Ok you can believe what you see..or you can believe what I’m going to tell ya” or 2) Bill Clinton: ” I did not have sexual relationships with that dog”

  4. Andrea

    Curious minds have to know…. What did she do??? She looks totally innocent, in my opinion!!!!

  5. Icy Dog lover Julie

    She was framed. How else is this sweet girl supposed to tell the other dogs not to mess with her.


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