7 Responses to “I hate Pink”

  1. lynn jarvis

    and they say doggies are color blind….how wrong are they….silly Herbie,,, hes a cutie pie

  2. yoyo

    can we test this by having a blue duster and a pink duster–does he really only go after the pink one and leave the other one alone?! still a cute dog…

  3. Theresa

    In our Humane Society’s puppy obedience, we took the puppies around to different colored hula-hoops on the floor, sit inside, jump out, etc. I was so surprised when a large breed mix (not sure what) was so afraid of purple. – Wouldn’t go near it at first, but the new adopter worked with him and eventually he got over it.

  4. Leslin

    Maybe though they are believed to be colour blind, dogs have a way of distinguishing colours.. after all its a known fact that they are smarter than us!

  5. Russ

    My first Saluki hated purple when she was a puppy. She always attacked and shredded purple flowers when she saw them.


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