12 Responses to “I take my saddness from my mom leaving out on food”

  1. Sassy's Mom

    Thank you, thank you!! I was reading this and thinking “oh my lord… how terrible” and then I read the last line and burst out laughing. Having owned a 90 lb lab, I totally can relate. Thank you for sharing – sorry for your loss (of dinner). Oh and yes, my cat has been a co-conspirator!

  2. blondetwit

    Yeah…yeah…yeah. Everyone blames the cat! Ha! There is a great joy when the conspiratorial chord is struck in a home. It’s all good…they could be hating on one another.
    PS: I’m pretty sure he left that one piece for the cat…not for you 😉

  3. liz

    LOL I’m SURE the cat had something to do with it. My dogs all work with each other….pull things off the counter (like a crock pot full of pork) and then look at each other like ‘he did it’, or ‘she did it’. They are a team effort! And yes….he was a thoughtful pup to leave you a slice of pizza. I never get ANY leftovers.

  4. Grumpy

    You left a cooked ready to eat pizza on the counter and expected it to still be there 30 mins later?

  5. ange

    Anita and grumpy your fun people aren’t you. Just enjoy the photo’s. That dog is adorable. Most people know onion is poisonous to dogs but if they dont thankfully you are here to remind them.


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