9 Responses to “Kiba the Snotty Shiba Inu”

  1. Amy

    My Shiba pup too. He also has sucked on a real hankie til it was sopping wet and twice he has absconded w/ my cough drops and sprinkled them about the yard.

  2. Lela

    There is only one thing they like better than icky tissues…cork coasters. And, our two Shibas like to pull Barbie’s hair out. Poor bald Barbie.

  3. Jeri

    My shiba mix does the same. When she doesn’t feel as though she has enough attention first she grabs used tissues or paper towels, then she grabs dirty stinky socks and tries to run out the back door with them so I will chase her.

  4. Steph

    Lyla the Shiba LOVES anything paper, but mostly out of the bathroom trash! It’s hard to Shame a Shiba, because they are never SORRY! 🙂


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