8 Responses to “Lazy Beagle”

  1. Amanda

    I have a beagle and coonhound that are the same way…I just gave up on making the bed.

  2. Stressfactor

    Eh, at 10 she’s starting to reach “retirement” age. Time to take it easy and watch “Matlock” reruns!

  3. DogMom

    First, GREAT name. Second, could she be any cuter? Third, very impressive how you’ve learned to make the bed around her. It’s tempting to just give up, lie down, and snuggle with her

    • sk

      I love your bedding as well – so pretty. Not to mention your sweet beagle looks adorable laying on it!

  4. George Johnson

    I have a treeing walker coonhound (Squirtles), and she LOVES the bed. But now, when I get up, she just brings me a toy, and plops it down in my lap. That means she’s ready for a nap, and then curls up on top of me and goes to sleep. At least she waits for me to get my coffee. Pretty funny the way she “pays” for it though.
    But hound dogs, coon hounds, beagles etc.. are all BIG on rooting around under the covers. The bed, and covers, are very big deals to them. My beagle (What) was the same way.

  5. Ann Y.

    My Carolina Dog, Radar, loves hanging out on my bed. He will, at least, jump down to let me pull the blankets up and then he’s right back up there.


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