11 Responses to “Listen, kid. You aren’t the pied piper!”

  1. Just One Boomer (Suzanne)

    I remember when my brother-in-law gave my 3 year old a whistle like instrument as a gift. He definitely got the “stink eye” and the suggestion that the 3 year old keep it at his house to play with over there.

  2. Kim

    Oh, that’s too funny. I was confused at first, I thought a baby was playing the whistle then I realized it was a three year olds toy! I think Curley had the right idea!

  3. Kathy

    I too would be relieved. lol My son has plenty of music making instruments and the whistles are the worst!

  4. Karen

    Good boy!! My young dog has a aqueaky toy he adores! It drives the older dog mad, she take it off him and lies with her paw on it and he is too scared to touch it!


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