4 Responses to “Lolo the Interior Decorator”

  1. Dee G.

    Thats why they have dog crates. Dogs actually love them once they are used to them. And the dogs doesnt get yelled at when you come home. And you are happy to see him too.

  2. jennk

    Meh, Wallys sells blinds cheap enuf that i say let the pup have fun! But, if you really don’t want to bother replacing them weekly, just pull them up so he can watch for you till you get home 🙂

    • Sassy's Mom

      Exactly!. My dog and cat contributed to destroying the bottom of my blinds 3 years ago. They are still hanging up and they can see out them! Some day I may replace them but not until I feel confident that the new ones won’t get destroyed.


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